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12/03/2017Lee Hess Why Are You Cast Down?
Topical Study -- Christian Living Psalms 42
A look a depression, including what not to do and also what TO do with non-clinical depression.
Download Why_Are_You_Cast_Down.mp3
11/26/2017Lee Hess Thankful for God's Comfort Part 2
Seasonal Sermon 2 Corinthians 1:3-11
The design of Paul's story, what can be said about the comfort he experienced, and the ministry performed through his story telling.
Download Thankful_for_Gods_Comfort_Part_2.mp3
11/19/2017Lee Hess Thankful for God's Comfort Part 1
Seasonal Sermon 2 Corinthians 1:3-11
Why God comforts us, why suffering is not a derailing of God's plan for us, and the redemptive end to our suffering.
Download Thankful_for_Gods_Comfort_Part_1.mp3
11/05/2017Lee Hess Whose Voice Will I Listen To?
Topical Sermon -- Man's Need for Christ Genesis 3:1-7
The creation of man, the counsel of Satan, and the consequences of rejecting God's voice.
Download Whose_Voice_Will_I_Listen_To.mp3
10/29/2017Lee Hess Justification by Faith
Topical Sermon -- Man's Need for Christ Romans 5:1
How a sinful man can be right with God; how justification makes sinful man right with God, and how a sinner can be justified.
Download Justification_by_Faith.mp3
10/22/2017Lee Hess Change: God's Agenda for the Christian, Part 3
Topical Study -- Christian Living 2 Peter 3-11
Adding these traits (listed in these verses) stems from the benefits of the gospel. On the grounds of God's work, the Christian is to diligently work to add these traits, which will spring forth and supplement our faith to project the true profile of the Christian.
Download Change_Gods_Agenda_for_the_Christian_Part_3.mp3

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