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Message From: Theo F   |   Email Address:
Nice church and good website.
Posted 07/03/2014

Message From: Tommy Davis   |   Email Address:
Just wanted to say hello Lee have not seen you for a while. It does not get any better than this.
Posted 10/01/2013

Message From: Tony Weedor   |   Email Address:
Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Since our departure from your wonderful town and church, I've been very busy traveling. Now that I have the time to sit down and say thank you for your friendship, prayers, support, financial, and above all your passion for God's word, his people and his culture. Your generosity reminded me of the words of the Christian Mystic Henri Nouwen: “More and more, the desire grows in me simply to walk around, greet people, enter their homes, sit on their doorsteps, play ball, throw water, and be known as someone who wants to live with them. It is a privilege to have the time to practice this simple ministry of the presence. Still, it is not as simple as it seems. My own desire to be useful, to do something significant, or to be part of some impressive project is so strong that soon my time is taken up by meetings, conferences, study groups, and workshops that prevent me from walking the streets. It is difficult not to have plans, not to organize people around an urgent cause, and not to feel that you are working directly for social progress. But I wonder more and more if the first thing shouldn’t be to know people by name, to eat and drink with them, to listen to their stories and tell your own, and to let them know with words, handshakes, and hugs that you do not simply like them, but truly love them.” Thanks for been just that, letting me tell my story and share God's word with you. Tony and Beth Weedor
Posted 06/05/2013

Message From: Charles Lyons 3rd   |   Email Address:
Have alot of great memories growing up worshiping and fellowship at CBC. Glad to see the church is doing well. God bless.
Posted 01/24/2013

Message From: Stephen and Leslie   |   Email Address:
nice web site!
Posted 11/11/2012

Message From: Anita Bucchi   |   Email Address:
Hi, Carrolton.....Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend that you allowed the ANM staff to be part of. Your staff and members should be commended...they opened their church, homes, and hearts to us and I, for one, will never be the same!!! I feel renewed and I know that I have made new friends that I will cherish for a lifetime!! Again...Thanks so much...and God bless....and remember as Johnson said..."it's all good...and UNTIL JESUS COMES!!" Anita Bucchi
Posted 03/28/2011

Message From: Kristi Beach   |   Email Address:
We really miss you guys! Looking at all the pictures made us home sick! We really must come visit this summer!
Posted 05/27/2010

Message From: Mark Beach   |   Email Address:
Called up the web page to see what was going on at CBC. Seeing all the pictures sure does bring back great memories. Ever thankful for all those at CBC that helped grow me in the Lord. I sure do miss the Mission Conference, I will mark my calendar so I remember next year. Miss and love you all.
Posted 05/26/2010

Message From: Gay-Lynn Turner   |   Email Address:
Nice website and informative.
Posted 04/28/2010

Message From: Stacy Wosham Gittens   |   Email Address:
Mr.Hess, I happened upon your churches web site. It is great to see you! The church sounds great! Looks like God is really moving in your church. I can't believe you and Sandy are grandparents! Congratulations! My family and I live in Athens,Ga. We have 2 sons. One is married and the other one just finished his first year at Liberty, but he is back home. He loved the school just don't have the money right now to go back. We attend Bethlehem First Baptist Church in Bethlehem,GA. May God continue His blessings upon you and your family and the Church their at Carrollton Baptist. Love In Christ, Stacy Worsham Gittens
Posted 01/13/2010

Message From: Richard Tudisco   |   Email Address:
This is the first time I've looked at our site. Awesome job by all! Thanks to all for the prayers. No place like home!
Posted 07/01/2009

Message From: Jacob (Jay) Walls   |   Email Address:
I'm glad that I'm able to reach out and see a familiar place on the internet. I want to thank all who read this entry that I appreciate your prayers for my family and I. Take care and God bless! - Jay Walls
Posted 03/14/2009

Message From: Stephen Cornelius   |   Email Address:
Love the new web page. It's a nice piece of home. Can't wait to come back. We miss all of you!
Posted 02/16/2009

Message From: Mark A. Campbell   |   Email Address:
Site looks good, and this is looking from my laptop.
Posted 02/15/2009